AMU - Cable TV

AMU Cable FAQs

Q.  How do I use my Cable Service?

A.  Depending on what kind of television or VCR you have and the optional channels that you order, Algona Municipal Utilities may need to connect the cable to a converter. If a converter is necessary, AMU can provide one for you at a minimal monthly charge.  The cable is then connected to your television or VCR antenna input.To view cable programming via a converter, your television nor VCR must be tuned to channel 3.

Q.  What do I do if I have reception problems?

A.  While AMU makes every effort to deliver the best possible picture to your home you may experience a reception problem. Here is a checklist to that may assist you in finding a solution to poor receptions.

  • Are your TV, DVD Player, VCR, and converter all connected properly, plugged in and turned on? Does a wall switch control power to that outlet? Are other electrical devices in that room working properly? 
  • Are all cable connections tight?

Is your TV, DVD Player or VCR tuned to channel 3 or 4 and in the proper mode? (if necessary, refer to your TV or VCR instruction manual or television menu screen if available.)

  • Is the reception problem on just one or on several channels?
  • Are other televisions connected to cable working properly?
  • Could a power failure or neighborhood construction have caused the problem?

After you have checked the items above, please call AMU at 295-3584.  We will work with you to correct the problem as quickly as possible.

Q. Do I have to buy HDTV equipment to watch high definition programming?

A. Anyone who wants to receive a high definition signal needs a HDTV set (High Definition Television Monitor).  AMU provides a HD-enabled box or a cable card for customers to receive High Definition Programming. Once you have a HDTV set, call AMU to upgrade your current digital set-top box to an HD-enabled box.

Q. What are the features and benefits of a DVR?

A. The DVR puts TV on your schedule. A DVR allows you to record your favorite show to play back at a later time. The DVR lets you fast forward and rewind your recorded programs. The DVR gives you the power to pause live TV and do your own instant replays.