AMU - Electric

Storm Preparedness

Dependability. That is the first word we hope you say about your utility service. However, Mother Nature has the last word when sudden storms hit our area. The effects from winds, rain, lightning, ice and snow can be devastating and may cause severe damage to electric distribution systems. Algona Municipal Utilities is ready around the clock to restore electric power as quickly as possible. Our emergency service number (295-3584) is answered at all times -- day or night -- weekends and holidays. Here are some things to remember the next time a storm sweeps through the Algona area and interrupts local electrical service.

*Disconnect sensitive appliances to avoid lightning damage. If several major appliances come on at once when power is restored, it may overload the electric circuits.

*If your power goes off, check to see if the neighbors are also without power. Perhaps you may only have blown a fuse or tripped a circuit breaker.

*When reporting an outage, please be brief and give your name, address, phone number and the nature of the trouble. During an electrical outage, AMU receives many calls and the phone circuits are often busy. Your call will be answered as soon as possible, so please be patient.

*If you observe downed electrical wires, treat them as potential killers and call AMU immediately. It is often difficult to determine whether a wire is electric, cable television or telephone, so it is important that AMU verifies all downed wires through field inspections. Never assume that downed wires are dead.

*If you are in a car or truck that accidentally gets entangled in a power line, stay in your vehicle. Don't try to get out unless there is a fire threat and then jump away from the vehicle and wires. Never step out of the vehicle with one leg at a time -- always jump out of the vehicle with both feet together.

*Keep a battery operated radio handy for news on the outage situation and the weather. AMU wishes to thank all consumers who have reported electric outages in the past. We depend on your input to locate and confirm electric system damages. In the future, when your electric service is interrupted, please continue to give us a call.